Foldable bags

A new bag concept

Made in Norway

In my line of work I am completely dependent on a good & sturdy bag for my equipment and essentials for long days and trips. The HOISK Bag System has been a trustworthy bag. On top of this it’s also an innovative and pretty design! On multiple occasions I have been approached by strangers who have asked questions about my HOISK bag!
— Simon Nitsche, Sportsanker i TV2

Sigurd carryon

Designed and produced in Norway. Weighs 1,1 kg.

Your light weight hand luggage

To add more space for packing we skipped the wheels, squared the corners and added a comfortable way to carry Sigurd on your back. Weight without your stuff is only 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs). We believe that is amazing. Read more.

HOISK folding concept: